Which is better: e-journaling or diary writing? (Part 1)

We all know the importance of journaling and how it helps in calming oneself. Journaling is extremely therapeutic and helps in self discovery. I too have been journaling for years now. For the longest time, I used to e-journal. However, when I started working, I preferred my me time to be a no screen time.

Off late, I could not decide the mode of journaling I should choose. I was eyeing a diary from early 2020 but didn’t invest in one and continued with my e-journal. With increased work pressure, my journaling became irregular as I avoided typing again after spending long hours on my laptop.

To narrow down my mode of journaling, I listed the pros and cons of both, e-journaling and diary journaling. I’m sure, many of us face the same problem and are unable to decide which one is better. I hope these pros and cons help you choose your method of journaling.

This post will be broken into two parts. This post entails the pros and cons of e-journaling while part-2 will discuss journaling in a diary.



Journaling on an app gives you the superpower of using your time efficiently. You can journal whenever you want and from wherever you want. There are several apps available which have excellent features and custom made to elevate your journaling experience. Even when you are travelling, you can dump your emotions and do not need to sit down separately with your diary.


Journaling on an app allows you to store all your old journals. It is very easy to get storage space on clouds where you can easily keep tons of daily dump. This would have been a challenge if you wanted to keep your old diaries which require lot of space and security (if they are personal). You can go back to the memory lane, open any page, any chapter and relive the moment.


If you journal on an app, all you have to do is put an app lock and you are done! To increase your privacy settings, you can add a phone lock too which gives a double layered security. You do not have to worry about venting out honestly as there is no fear of anyone reading it.



E-journaling will add onto additional screen hours as you will have to type your heart. If you are someone who already has a long screen hours, you might not enjoy adding more such hours. Also, most of us would be journaling on our mobile phones whose screens are pretty small. So the metime experience might not be as good as you had imagined.


This is coming from my personal experience of e-journaling for years. I used to focus a lot on typos and being grammatically correct. Had I been journaling on a diary, I would only focus on writing with no one correcting me and obstructing my thoughts. Your free flow of emotions often gets broken and you might choose words shown by autocorrect only.


With unlimited storage, you keep all your old memories with you. As such, it becomes very easy to go back to an old date and revisit the old you! This becomes a problem if your old memories very toxic or sad. Even if you want to move forward, there is small window that will allow you to peep back into the past. You will have to consciously take the effort and deleting old journals so that you do not cling onto bad times.


As you journal on an app, you pour your heart out. But you do not know where the data will be stored, or will be hacked or will be misused by someone else. There will always be this fear of giving away your data to someone’s cloud. If you comfortable with that and rely on the security features of your application, then this probably should not be an issue.

Part-2 of this post will detail the benefits and drawbacks of using a diary instead of e-journal. I hope after reading the two posts, you will decide which one is better suited for you and how you should go ahead in your journaling journey!

In the best interest of growing together!

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