5 reasons why you are always short of time

We all struggle with managing time. And we often find ourselves saying, “I do not have time”, or “why is there always so little time?”. We all have the same numbers of hours daily. Some make the most out of it while others struggle to match upto the speed of the clock. If the clockContinue reading “5 reasons why you are always short of time”

The Meditative Reform

Eyes closed, spine straight, mind focused accompanied by mantra chants. That was the common definition of mediation a few years ago. Everyone was trying to understand the beauty of mediation and the powers it withheld as it could clear minds and provide peace and direction to the soul. I often thought I would incorporate meditationContinue reading “The Meditative Reform”

The step challenge

With the onset of covid, indoor workouts have become the only option. The fitness freaks found solace without the gym equipments. Some took indoor workouts seriously as only staying at home meant putting on kilograms. While others slowly understood its importance when issues like bloating and fatigue crept up often. The one rescue that grewContinue reading “The step challenge”