Why small gestures matter and a freebie for you

Do you remember the last time you smiled when someone did special something for you? Try recalling the surprise gifts your loved ones sent and the parties they arranged for you. Don’t you feel blessed?

A-Z of blogging: Hello 2021

When I started this blog in October, I had no clue what blogging was and how things function. All I had was the zeal to write as it gave me peace. Merely in a span of seventy days (just trying to be precise!), I have learnt a lot. And this because of my lovely readersContinue reading “A-Z of blogging: Hello 2021”

Forests are beautiful. For they know the importance of self-care.

Working out is very important. We strive harder and harder to burn the maximum calories. However, a good workout should be followed by an adequate recovery. A good recovery is as important as your workout. It is a great practice to normalize your heartbeat gradually rather than suddenly, clean off the sweat and be backContinue reading “Forests are beautiful. For they know the importance of self-care.”