Summit Day 5 – Are Blogging Friends Actually “Friends”?

Welcome back to the fifth day of the “7 DAY BLOGGING SUMMIT”. In case you missed attending the first four days, I urge you to attend them first and then proceed with fifth day. Otherwise, you can proceed anyway! I am sure you will take a lot with you by the end of the summit. After the threeContinue reading “Summit Day 5 – Are Blogging Friends Actually “Friends”?”

Summit Day 1 – 10 Questions That Bloggers Should Regularly Ask Themselves

Welcome to the first day of the “7 DAY BLOGGING SUMMIT”. I am extremely proud of you and happy that you took the decision of joining the summit. I am sure you will attend all seven meetings and take a lot with you by the end of the summit. As a blogger it is extremelyContinue reading “Summit Day 1 – 10 Questions That Bloggers Should Regularly Ask Themselves”

Are lifestyle bloggers really perfect?

All lifestyle bloggers bombard you with advice. For starters they tell you how you can organize your life, increase your productivity, detox yourself, reduce weight and improve upon your mental health. But have you ever wondered if their lives are perfect?

Do you zoom in or zoom out emotions?

Imagine someone said something good about you in the morning. Later in the day, you end up having a tiff with that person and exchange harsh words. You have now felt two different sets of feelings in a very short time. Think and answer, which emotion would you typically be zooming in and which emotionContinue reading “Do you zoom in or zoom out emotions?”

How can you complete everything, every day?

We all plan our to-dos for the day with a lot of positivity in the morning. However, as the day progresses, we tend to get lethargic and loose motivation. At the end of the day, when we have tasks left undone, we feel guilty for not meeting the targets set. Things begin to pile upContinue reading “How can you complete everything, every day?”

Blood with a touch of green

My company has a very robust corporate social responsibility plan. And the best part is it allows its employees to be a part of it. So, whenever I get an opportunity, I try to participate. One such initiative was a “Go Green” drive where we could adopt a plant. As soon as I saw theContinue reading “Blood with a touch of green”

Don’t let your anger from work spill to your home

There is so much of disturbance around my workplace. The mixer grinder is twirling in full swing crushing the tomatoes for the soup we are going to drink in the evening. My brother’s teacher is explaining the dividend distribution model, one of his first online lectures scheduled for the day. And despite telling him forContinue reading “Don’t let your anger from work spill to your home”