Discarding your most cherished memories

There are so many ways of going back in time. If you journal, you can turn pages. If you click pictures, you can open your gallery. If you collect stuff, you can open your little treasure box. Going back in time is easy. The difficult part is in swallowing the emotional spring that crops upContinue reading “Discarding your most cherished memories”

5 reasons why you are always short of time

We all struggle with managing time. And we often find ourselves saying, “I do not have time”, or “why is there always so little time?”. We all have the same numbers of hours daily. Some make the most out of it while others struggle to match upto the speed of the clock. If the clockContinue reading “5 reasons why you are always short of time”

A-Z of blogging: Hello 2021

When I started this blog in October, I had no clue what blogging was and how things function. All I had was the zeal to write as it gave me peace. Merely in a span of seventy days (just trying to be precise!), I have learnt a lot. And this because of my lovely readersContinue reading “A-Z of blogging: Hello 2021”