5 reasons why you should not bottle up feelings

There are many situations where you want to say things but you do not. You keep those words to yourself and they get buried in your heart. Their burden makes you overwhelmed and with time, you land up bottling up feelings.

Summit Day 1 – 10 Questions That Bloggers Should Regularly Ask Themselves

Welcome to the first day of the “7 DAY BLOGGING SUMMIT”. I am extremely proud of you and happy that you took the decision of joining the summit. I am sure you will attend all seven meetings and take a lot with you by the end of the summit. As a blogger it is extremelyContinue reading “Summit Day 1 – 10 Questions That Bloggers Should Regularly Ask Themselves”

Do you zoom in or zoom out emotions?

Imagine someone said something good about you in the morning. Later in the day, you end up having a tiff with that person and exchange harsh words. You have now felt two different sets of feelings in a very short time. Think and answer, which emotion would you typically be zooming in and which emotionContinue reading “Do you zoom in or zoom out emotions?”

A-Z of blogging: Hello 2021

When I started this blog in October, I had no clue what blogging was and how things function. All I had was the zeal to write as it gave me peace. Merely in a span of seventy days (just trying to be precise!), I have learnt a lot. And this because of my lovely readersContinue reading “A-Z of blogging: Hello 2021”