I have never tried photography but have always been in awe of great photographs. There are so many photography blogs and I cannot stop myself from liking the amazing talent. Most of you who follow my blog regularly know I’m a nature lover and here is my modest attempt of capturing the green life.

8 reasons why working from home in the rainy season is a blessing in disguise

Most of us have been working from home now and have accustomed ourselves with the new normal. But, there is one thing than it is transition. Moving from summers to the rainy season. And while it kept pouring outside, I enjoyed the beautiful view from my window and continued working. I then realised that workingContinue reading “8 reasons why working from home in the rainy season is a blessing in disguise”

Conversations with the moon

Sometimes I stand in my balcony,And stare at the moon.Wondering how and why,God created the beautiful silver sphere? Hey moon! Do you too feel complex,Of your shape and size?Being the odd one out,Among millions of stars? Are you just like us,Imperfect yet trying to be strong?Do the little spots bother you,And you on purpose hideContinue reading “Conversations with the moon”

Blood with a touch of green

My company has a very robust corporate social responsibility plan. And the best part is it allows its employees to be a part of it. So, whenever I get an opportunity, I try to participate. One such initiative was a “Go Green” drive where we could adopt a plant. As soon as I saw theContinue reading “Blood with a touch of green”