If you can do any of these consistently, you are a Guinness Book Record holder

There are so many things others do with ease and I keep watching them with awestruck eyes. And then I’m like, “Oh my God! How can you do it so easily? You are supremely talented”. And then they humbly reply, “It’s so easy, let me show how it is done”. Despite multiple attempts, I haveContinue reading “If you can do any of these consistently, you are a Guinness Book Record holder”

Why small gestures matter and a freebie for you

Do you remember the last time you smiled when someone did special something for you? Try recalling the surprise gifts your loved ones sent and the parties they arranged for you. Don’t you feel blessed?

A letter for You!

Saturday nights are stormy. They come with a gust of emotions and overthinking is at its peak. You enter a zone where you question everything happening around. And on one such night, I was on my bed with my brain grinding hard in search of an idea for a startup that I dream to beginContinue reading “A letter for You!”

The Meditative Reform

Eyes closed, spine straight, mind focused accompanied by mantra chants. That was the common definition of mediation a few years ago. Everyone was trying to understand the beauty of mediation and the powers it withheld as it could clear minds and provide peace and direction to the soul. I often thought I would incorporate meditationContinue reading “The Meditative Reform”